Frequently Asked Questions

What is RUNNR?

RUNNR is a reliable on-demand delivery service that helps parts managers of heavy duty equipment dealerships ensure the right parts are delivered to the right place, at the right time through our network of professional drivers.

Being technology focused, RUNNR is able to provide an unmatched customer experience through our easy to use online delivery scheduler, live delivery tracking and instant proof of delivery.

Where is RUNNR available?

RUNNR’s services are currently available in Saskatoon and Regina. We are quickly expanding to other parts of Canada, so be on the lookout. We may be in your city soon!

How quickly will RUNNR deliver my delivery?

We understand that time is of the essence. Because of this, we offer 3 delivery speeds to let YOU choose how quickly your parts get delivered. Same day delivery is our most economical delivery speed and is used where deliveries need to arrive today, but don't need to be delivered at a specific time. Rush is for those cases where deliveries are needed within 3 hours. Finally, Hotshot, RUNNR’s fastest delivery, is for those deliveries needed NOW! You can also schedule your deliveries in advance or for next day pick up so you’ll know your delivery will arrive on time.

How can I try RUNNR out?

Getting started with RUNNR is easy. Get started by booking an appointment with one of our sales representatives and they will help get your account set up as early as TODAY! This can be done on the Book a Demo page or by calling us at (306) 518-1281. Our sales representative will take the time to walk you through RUNNR’s easy to use platform and answer all your questions regarding our delivery services. We understand you are busy so, our Sales representative will ensure getting started with RUNNR is effortless.

Don't need to talk to a sales representative? Just simply tell the sales representative and they will move forward with setting up your account on RUNNR so you can start scheduling deliveries in minutes!

If you want to improve your daily processes, RUNNR is your go to.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes you can! With our transparent platform you can track your shipment, view instant proof of delivery, and even review old deliveries.

Is my delivery insured?

Yes, your items are 100% insured for theft or accidental damage, leaving you with peace of mind while using RUNNR’s services.

How far is RUNNR willing to deliver?

RUNNR is able to provide Hotshot deliveries all over Western Canada. To confirm availability for out-of-town Hotshot deliveries, it is best to email or call us at (306-518-1281) to schedule those deliveries.

What is the largest size of delivery RUNNR can deliver?

RUNNR’s fleet consists of cars up to 1-ton trucks. Our fleet selection allows RUNNR to deliver parts and supplies up to 5500 lbs., 12 ft long, 8 ft wide, and 6 ft tall.  We also offer pipe deliveries which are longer but lighter than our largest delivery size. For pipe deliveries we offer deliveries for pipes that are up to 27 ft. long.

How can RUNNR benefit You and your company?

Here at RUNNR we pride ourselves on transparent and quick deliveries. We know how it feels to be left in the dark about your deliveries. So, with our fully transparent platform you can see the pricing upfront and track your deliveries. No more worrying about hidden fees being added on at the end. We know how much time is spent using the outdated ways of scheduling deliveries. So, with our Online Scheduling system scheduling or booking deliveries are easy and simple. If you’re not confident with using new technology, we can walk you through the process. RUNNR moves fast in an industry that has historically moved slow. We offer fast deliveries with route optimization and smart dispatching. So, you'll know that our drivers are taking the most efficient routes and getting your deliveries completed in the most efficient manner.

Items being shipped through RUNNR are also 100% insured for theft or accidental damage, leaving you with peace of mind while using our service.

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