Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a new address to deliver to?

Adding an address is quite easy. Simply log into your RUNNR account and go to your and on the schedule delivery page click the "+ Location" button found in the pick/drop-off details boxes. Or you can simply click the "Saved Locations" option on the side menu.

After clicking the “Saved Locations” option in the customer menu you will be brought to the "Saved Locations" page. Here, to add another address simply click the "+ Location" button. Once you've filled out the form just click the submit button and your new location will be saved.

Need to modify a saved address on the "Schedule A Delivery" page? Simply click the yellow box in the pickup/drop-off details boxes and fill out the relevant information.

How can I edit a pre-existing address?

There are 2 methods to edit saved addresses. The first method is found when scheduling a delivery. After you have chosen the address you’d like to modify, click the yellow button.

After that a modal will pop up and you can edit any information you’d like. Once you’re happy with the changes click the Save button to save your changes.

The 2nd method involves navigating to the Saved locations page by using the option found in the customer menu.

From there you are able to navigate to which address you’d like to modify and click the yellow button to modify that address. 

The same modal will pop up and from there the steps are the same as above.

How can I add a new employee?

You can add a new employee to your account by selecting the Employees option on the customer menu.

Once the screen is loaded there will be an orange button labeled “+ Employee” clicking that button a modal will pop up.

After filling out the modal with the new employee’s information, click the “Create Employee” button and it will finish creating that new employee.

How can I schedule a delivery?

When you login you’ll be brought to the Schedule Delivery page. From here you’re able to schedule your deliveries. The first step is to select your pickup and drop off details. 

If it is your first delivery you’ll have to add new locations to deliver to and pick up from. These addresses will be added to your saved locations, making it easier for you to book deliveries in the future. After setting the pick up and drop off locations you’ll need to set a date and time for when the delivery will be available for pick up.

The next step is to choose a suitable vehicle for your delivery and size. 

You can then fill out the form that is generated to give more specifics of your delivery. Here, you can label your delivery as hazardous or fragile goods if it is suitable. After completing that form you can choose your delivery speed.

Once you’re satisfied with your delivery information, you’ll be prompted to pay for the delivery.

Don’t worry you won’t be charged immediately. You’ll be partially charged when a driver is assigned your delivery and charged the remaining amount when a driver accepts your delivery. We use stripe to process payments. So, you have a piece of mind that your credit card information is secure when using our platform.

How do I remove old employees?

Removing employees is quick and easy. First navigate to the Employees page using the customer menu. 

From there you can navigate to the employee you’d like to remove and click the red “X” button to remove the employee.

If you would like to not fully remove an employee, you can instead disable their account by clicking the yellow “Disable” button instead. 

How do I update my information?

To update your information navigate to the Profile page using the customer menu. 

From there you can change the information desired here. After modifying the information you would like to change, click the orange “Update Profile” button to save your changes.

How do I cancel a delivery?

Canceling a delivery is easy. Just head to the "Order Tracking" page using the customer menu and find the delivery you'd like to cancel.

Finally, click the red cancel box to cancel your delivery, after you’ve found the desired delivery.

My delivery was damaged during transport. What are my next steps?

RUNNR is liable for any theft or damage that occurs during transport. However, reports need to be made within 24 hours of receiving the order. Our insurance will cover the cost of damages incurred. Please call us at (306) 518-1281 and we will resolve your issues as quickly as possible. We want to ensure you'll be happy with our service and continue to use us in the future.

My delivery did not arrive or did not arrive on time. What are my next steps?

These are really rare cases but if your delivery does not arrive or arrive in time please let us know by calling us at (306) 518-1281. In cases of late deliveries we will prioritize completing your delivery and compensate in some form to ensure you’ll be happy with the resolution. In cases where a delivery was lost in transit, we will issue a refund and our insurance will cover the cost of the lost item. We want to ensure you'll be happy with our service and continue to use us in the future.

How can I request a refund?

Asking for a refund is quick and simple. Simply click on the "Customer Service" option on the customer menu and complete the form to begin the refund process.

We will review it and help you in any way possible. You can always call us (306-518-1281), or email us at delivery@runnrdelivery.com, and we can work out any problems you’ve had. This is for us to make sure those problems don’t reoccur again in the future.

Is there a fuel surcharge due to the current gas prices?

We do use fuel surcharges to compensate our drivers. The fuel surcharge is based on the average gas prices bi-weekly. This is done separately for each province. The surcharge is updated bi-weekly.    

How much is the current surcharge for fuel?

You can view the current fuel surcharge on the customer dashboard. To navigate to the dashboard click the Dashboard option in the customer menu.

Here, you’ll find useful information relating to your account as well.

How can I book a long distance delivery?

We currently don’t offer long distance deliveries on the online scheduler but if you call (306) 518-1281, we will assist you in booking a long distance delivery and you will be billed later. We currently only offer long distance deliveries to deliveries within the province.

What happens when I cancel a delivery?

When you cancel a delivery you can see how much you’ll be refunded if you cancel. 

The amount of refund depends on the status of delivery. If the delivery has been dispatched you’ll be charged for 50% of the original price of the delivery. So, you’ll receive 50% of a refund. If you decide to cancel after a driver accepts the delivery, you’ll be charged 100% of the original price of the delivery and you won’t receive a refund.

After you cancel a refund you’ll get a notification that your delivery has been successfully canceled.

What happens if no one is present when a courier arrives?

If there is not going to be anyone available to receive the delivery, make sure to put in the special delivery notes where exactly our driver should leave the delivery. If there is no one at the drop off location and our driver arrives they will call to ask where to drop off the delivery to ensure the packages are safe and don't get lost.

How do I track a delivery?

Tracking a delivery is easy. To navigate the order tracking page click the "Order Tracking" option in the customer menu.

From there you are able to navigate to the desired delivery and view the status of the delivery. We currently do not offer turn by turn tracking.

There are also other useful features here such as viewing your active deliveries, your delivery history, and the company’s delivery history. You can also view previous receipts and proof of deliveries.

How can I see my statements?

To view your statements click the Statements option in the customer menu.

Once there, you can view all of your previous statements.

My delivery says it was delivered but I can’t locate it. What are my next steps?

If your delivery is marked as delivered but you are unable to find it, please take a look at the confirmation photo to see where it was dropped off. If you are still unable to find it, call us at (306) 518-1281 and we will help find your delivery. However, please note that if it has been over 24 hours of receiving the delivery we are no long liable for the delivery.

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