Top 5 Factors That Make a Courier and Hotshot Delivery Service Great

For heavy-duty equipment and industrial companies minimizing equipment downtime and increasing operational efficiency is crucial. Occasionally replacing parts as simple as a gasket or fastener can be the difference between getting equipment back up and operating or having it take up valuable space in a shop bay. In these scenarios having a reliable courier and hotshot service to ensure that the right part is delivered at the right time for the right price is essential.

In addition, a good courier and hotshot delivery service can help organizations avoid sending their own valuable employees on out-of-scope tasks to make pick-ups from distributors and dealerships. Utilizing a modern digital courier platform can not only keep people on task by making it easy to track and manage deliveries. It can also help accounting departments and managers save time tracking expenses.

So what makes a courier and hotshot delivery service great?

It can be challenging to decide which courier or hotshot delivery service to pick in Saskatoon and Regina. To help you make the right choice, the following are the top 5 factors you should consider when selecting a courier and hotshot delivery service. Let us show you why RUNNR should be your chosen courier and hotshot delivery service in Saskatchewan:

1. Speed

When expensive equipment is down, speed becomes critical. The industrial sector needs a courier and hotshot delivery service that is nimble and offers multiple options for shipping speed. The right part could be needed within the same day, within three hours, or needed right now! RUNNR offers three delivery speeds as a courier service in Saskatoon and Regina. Same-day, for routine deliveries where the package will be delivered before the end of the business day. Rush delivery which will be completed within 3 hours, for those items and parts that are needed but not critical. The fastest is a hotshot delivery. These are for the most time-critical situations where speed is essential. RUNNR also offers hotshot deliveries anywhere within or outside of Saskatchewan; for unique circumstances when parts need to travel long distances.

2. Cost and transparency

The number one question customers ask of a courier or hotshot delivery service is how much will it cost? Most courier and hotshot delivery services have a base rate with modifiers based on the speed of the delivery, the distance of travel required, and a floating fuel surcharge tied to the local price of fuel. But most courier and hotshot delivery services are not transparent in this pricing. Leaving customers with surprise fees and unpredictable charges when the invoice is received. At RUNNR we are fully transparent in our pricing and customers can view the total cost of the delivery before it is even scheduled. Having transparent and open pricing allows customers of RUNNR to intelligently budget and track their delivery expenses. Not worrying about any hidden fees or additional costs.

3. Reputation

Just because a company has been operating for years or decades, does not mean they have a good reputation. Companies that have been successful in the past often become complacent and fail to adjust to changing times and technology. Some of the most established firms have some of the worst reputations. RUNNR has been operating in Saskatoon for three years and established a stellar reputation for not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations. We recently expanded to Regina and plan on building upon our reputation there. Our transparency and willingness to change how things have been done in the industry put us a step ahead of the competition. We are willing to work with customers to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs. Something that many other couriers or hotshot delivery services are not willing to do.

4. Tracking capability

Tracking a part from dispatch to delivery is critical for courier and hotshot delivery services. Customers want to know where their package is and when it will be delivered. This is especially important for hotshot deliveries, where timing is critical. The customer and by extension the technicians waiting for the parts want to know when it will arrive, so they know how to plan their workflow. Most traditional courier and hotshot delivery companies fail to deliver on this aspect. RUNNR however is not an old-school courier and hotshot delivery service. Aiming to pull the industry into the 21st century, customers of RUNNR are able to track the status of their items from scheduling to delivery. Electronic confirmation with photo proof of delivery is sent when the item is received at its final destination.

5. Areas covered

The nature of courier and hotshot delivery services sets the guidelines for areas that are covered. The time and distance required for items being shipped outside a metropolitan area dictate that additional charges are added to reflect this. Oftentimes courier and hotshot delivery services are not transparent with this pricing, leaving customers with surprise expenses when the invoice is received. RUNNR services both the Regina and Saskatoon Metropolitan area with additional charges imposed on any distances greater than 12km. RUNNR will do hotshot deliveries anywhere within Canada, for when parts or equipment urgently need to travel long distances.

Why Choose RUNNR Delivery?

If you are considering a courier or hotshot delivery service, you may want to give us a shot. We offer courier delivery services in Saskatoon, Regina and surrounding areas with complete fully transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Some benefits that you get with us include: 

  • Same-day delivery with upfront flat fee pricing with lower fees and no surprises.
  • 3-hour rush delivery to ensure your package is delivered quickly and securely. 
  • We also have a Hotshot delivery service where we deliver in less than an hour within Saskatoon and Regina or as soon as possible within Canada.
  • Notification of delivery with proof of delivery sent electronically and accessible at any time anywhere.
  • Easy scheduling and ordering services with our unique online dashboard to manage your deliveries and organize billing.

Call us today at +1-306-518-1281 and experience a courier and hotshot delivery service tailored to your needs in Saskatoon and Regina.

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