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How To Use

To see just how easy it is to schedule a courier using Runnr’s online booking system follow the next 8 simple steps:
Step 1: Click “Create An Account” button
Step 2: Click “Create An Account” button
Step 3: Fill out Runnr’s Account sign up with your business or personal information
Step 4: Click “Schedule Delivery” button
Step 5: Click the “+” button to select the appropriate size and number of items you are wanting to have couriered with Runnr
Step 6: Fill in Runnr’s Delivery Pickup and Dropoff details form for the items
you are wanting couriered
Step 7: Pick the Date and Time your items will be available for Pickup by one of Runnr’s courier drivers
Step 8: Select the desired speed of delivery you would like your items delivered in and then click the “Schedule Your Delivery” Button

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