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Today will never come again. Time is the most critical resource we have as individuals, and those of us who recognize its worth understand why paying for a superior service is worth it if we can save time. Courier delivery companies do precisely that by salvaging precious time and empowering businesses to do business faster by delivering important parcels.

In simple terms, a courier service company is responsible for the delivery between two parties fast. Trusting the right courier company to deliver your package must live up to the promise of delivering on or before the scheduled time.

So what makes a courier delivery service company great?

With so many options a click or phone call away, it can be challenging to decide which courier delivery service to pick in Saskatoon. To help you make the right choice, the following are the top 5 factors you should consider when selecting the delivery service of choice:

1. Speed

There are two parts to “speed of delivery”. The first is how fast a courier service can deliver the package? Same business day or within one business day is a reasonable timeframe. However, when it comes to business, delivery within a few hours on the same business day within Saskatoon and surrounding areas is ideal.

The second part is how much notice do they require? If you place your order request in the afternoon, will it be delivered that same day or within a few hours? Depending on the guarantee from the courier service provider and how busy the courier drivers are, sometimes having a “same day delivery” service can be a challenge.

2. Cost of courier delivery service

The cost can be tricky at times and not as simple as many would assume. There is a standard fee associated with any courier service, but some companies charge additional fees, ultimately impacting the overall cost. The standard fee is the base delivery fees associated with the service. Other variables that are important to consider are:

  • Additional wait time fees in the event the recipient is not immediately available and can be applied during pickup and drop off
  • Monthly fuel surcharge based on fluctuating gas prices for deliveries within and outside Saskatoon
  • Additional fees can be applied to out of zone areas within Saskatoon as well as outside

In some cases, the “hidden costs” could be a few dollars, and over time do add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars based on the volume. Make sure you are working with a courier company that is fully transparent about the charges. An exact cost should be available as soon as you provide the shipment details, and there shouldn’t be any surprises when you receive the bill.

3. Reputation

Being in business for many years does not necessarily mean a better reputation. The reason you are choosing a courier service is that your parcel has to be delivered on time. That is what is being sold to you, “prompt and fast delivery service” that can be tracked. The single biggest way a courier delivery service can lose its reputation is by not being able to meet that promise, or worse, damaging your package. Check for Google reviews to see if recent customers have stated positive experiences. Some companies are open about their long-standing client relationships and can share testimonials to demonstrate their credibility.

4. Tracking capability

Tracking your package is critical, not only to ensure that it is delivered but also for legal reasons. Some companies have systems in place to provide up to date accurate records on demand. They also make it easy for you to access pertinent information about the history of orders. You should know when the driver is on the way to pick up the package as well as be able to access instant proof of delivery for your records. The proof could be a signature or even a picture of where the package was delivered.

5. Areas covered

Understand accurately which areas are covered. Many companies only serve within Saskatoon and may impose additional charges if they go beyond a certain distance outside the city. If you require courier service in Saskatoon and surrounding areas, be sure to take into account those additional charges that may be variable depending on cost of gas and distance.

Why Choose RUNNR Delivery?

If you are considering a courier delivery service, you may want to give us a shot. We offer courier delivery services in Saskatoon and surrounding areas with complete transparency in pricing and no hidden fees. Some benefits that you get with us include:

  • Same day delivery with upfront flat fee pricing with lower fees and no surprises
  • 3-hour guaranteed delivery to ensure your package is delivered quickly and securely.
  • We also have a VIP rush delivery service where we deliver in less than an hour within Saskatoon
  • Easy scheduling and ordering services with our unique online dashboard to manage your deliveries.

Call us today at +1-306-716-8612 and experience a tailored and custom courier service for your delivery needs in Saskatoon.


Please feel free to contact us here at Runnr with any questions, comments or concerns about our website or the service we provide for you. We take pride in our customer service and want your experience with Runnr to be like no other courier companies around.

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